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From Colin:
Puns about shoes are mooronic

_____ is isomoorphic to the moordinals (like the ordinals, but there are moor of them)

The mooral of the story is that puns are mooraculous methods of getting points

Xurely there are always Moor points for moorbidly Xameless puns

We could Wu Moor ARML coaches by making finNicky puns about the Xuperb coaches who moorally give their time to us MooroNick kids :)

___ would be an awkWurd conversaXun with Nick’s Moorther

What a BeneNick Moornold. I’ll be Xure to blame you for any nicks or stabs on nick

Don’t overdose on moorphine

Doctor! He is in moortal danger! He needs moor shoes!

Q: Is moor an atheist?
A: No! He’s a Moorman!

Moor points!

Many puns will compete, but only one will be immoortalized and xowered as the victmoor.


Q: Why did colin write a blog post for moor?
A: SO THERE WOULD BE MOOR PUNS. (Get it? It’s funny because the puns are about moor AND there’s moor of them)

Moor Shoes.

Q: Why couldn’t moor finish his essay?
A: He had some TeXnical problems

uh that’s all. I can’t think of any moor puns.. too bad I don’t have a better memoory.

(The foormatting is left as an exercise to moor)


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