Random thoughts from 2012 ARML

Last weekend was 2012 ARML. It was my fifth ARML, and third as coach of the SFBA teams. I remember my first trip to ARML, with just a single team. This year, ARML has become a 7-team, 4-day expedition. This was also one of my most entertaining trips to ARML. Watching SFBA troll the Friday evening talent show was amazing.

As for results, SFBA’s teams did amazingly well: A1 and A2 were 3rd and 7th nationally, the first time that any organization has had two teams in the top 7 at ARML. Next year, we’re aiming for 1st and 2nd on the national scoreboard.

Some random thoughts from ARML:

  • Tie-dye was an amazing shirt color. Pink was pretty cool too.
  • I should try to avoid losing my bed next time.
  • Flip, Flop, Fliegerspiel
  • Bif! Bif! Bif!
  • I am Chen!
  • Yee!

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