Six months (and two days)

It has officially been half a year since the creation of this blog on Pi Day. Well, actually, half a year and two days… I’ve been busy recently and lost track of time. It amazes me that it has been that long; it seems like the birth of this blog happened only a few days or weeks ago. The passage of time can be strange. There have been times in the past few months when I’ve felt tortured by the slowness of time, but now, I wonder where that half a year has gone. I only get a few dozen of these years, and that half a year might well have been 1% of my entire life. On a more happy note, looking back on those six months (and two days), I can’t think of anything negative to say. Rather uncharacteristically, I’ll instead report cheerfully that the preceding 1% of my total existence has been quite positive.

In the first six months of this blog’s existence, I produced 26 posts. In addition, there were 15 comments, 192 spam comments, and 1639 hits. That comes out to an average of about one post per week (and one slice of spam per day). Unfortunately, I didn’t actually post every week; I tended to forget about this blog for weeks at a time and post in bursts. Indeed, on March 14, I predicted that the blog would not be updated often. Rather unfortunately, I was correct.

What I did not write six months ago was that I did not expect the blog to survive at all. Like my old blog on AoPS, this blog was originally created as a procrastination tool; sadly, that old blog has died. The fact that this blog is still alive is therefore cause for celebration. Let’s light half a candle for Rambling Thoughts!

What will happen in the next six months? I’m sorry to say that I can’t see the future. I’ll try to update this more regularly, and I might post some of my live-TeXed notes as they begin to be produced. The hope is that we’ll be able to light a whole candle on Pi Day of next year.


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