More quotations

It’s been three weeks since my last quotation collection, and there aren’t very many new quotations. People don’t say enough quotable things.

20 April 2010:

  • “This is far too technologically advanced.” — Moor (discussing pushing a straw through the top of a milkshake cup)
  • “I’m thoroughly disappointed in you.” — Melissa (speaking to a poster that had fallen down)

29 April 2010:

  • “Why should we care about living people?” — Moor

The argument: After the living people die, they won’t know or care any more, so it doesn’t really matter what happens to them. I’ll expand on this idea in a future blog post.

9 May 2010:

  • “Usually 1+1=2, but sometimes it can be 4 or 0 as well.” — A physics TA

This was sent to me by Anand, supposedly from a discussion of interfering waves.

10 May 2010:

  • “Just set pi equal to zero.” — Moor

Referring to a math problem that can be solved by the heuristic of replacing distracting numbers by more convenient values.


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