New Quotations

I have a collection of quotations on this blog in the quotations page, and I will periodically update that page with additional quotations. These quotations come from people who say silly things around me. You have been warned: Anything that can be misquoted to sound stupid will be misquoted. The quotations already on that page before this post come from things that various people have said around me in the past three years and were copied from my old website.

Here’s a collection of the newest quotations, along with their sources.

“I’m not alive.” — Chris (email message from 11 April 2010)

Bridge game 16 April 2010:

  • “I’m invisible.” — Moor
  • “But nobody ever says anything stupid!” — Anand
  • “America is a country that needs disaster.” — Moor
  • “America is a disappointing country.” — Moor

With the last two quotations, I’ve probably disqualified myself from ever running for political office in America. However, I think that they’re true, though a bit extreme. America as a country is incapable of positive development when it is not under pressure from other countries. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, America was always competing with other countries and hence achieved social and technological progress. Such advancement has slowly drastically in the past twenty years as funding for science has gone instead toward funding wars. Without competition, America is a country without direction or purpose. Luckily, some countries will catch up soon, and by doing so, they’ll save America from itself.

For the full list of quotations, visit my quotes page!


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