The Birth of a Blog

I was told some time ago that I should create a blog. At the time, I said that I would think about it, and I’ve procrastinated for so long now that I can’t remember who to blame for the suggestion. In any case, after some thought, I decided that I’d try blog writing; however, I never found a good opportunity to counteract inertia and feel motivated enough to write something. It seemed like the momentous occasion of the birth of my blog needed to happen on a special day. And indeed, today is a special day; in fact, today is Pi Day, the most important day of the year!

This blog will contain my thoughts on various topics that I find interesting. Given that I’m not necessarily a very interesting person, I don’t promise to update this daily, or even weekly. I’ll write something when I feel like I have something to say. When I don’t have any interesting thoughts, I’d prefer to stay quiet than to spew out boring verbose nonsense, so if I disappear from blogging, you may assume that I’m just suppressing my boring thoughts and keeping them from infecting others.

Feel free to comment and discuss anything that I post, as your comments would likely provide the motivation for me to continue writing and updating. It’s no fun to type up thought provoking ideas when nobody is around to hear them.

Happy Pi Day!


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